Friday, January 11, 2013

move on ?

benda yang aku rasa teragak agak nak buat sekarang
susah sangat . aku boleh . tapi aku perlukan masa . bukan secara drastik
kalau secara drastik . maka akan matilah aku 
tapi cara dia ni adakah untuk mengajar aku cara cara untuk 'move on' 
kenapa perlu buat macam tu . aku bukan ada buat masalah pada dia pun
LETTING GO .. everyones talk about it like it's the easiest thing to do
i dont wanna let you go
but i think i have too 
but can i wish that the time is not now ?
when u ask me .. the answer is IM OK :) 
but every times my phone vibrates 
my heart still wishes its a text from you
from the old you
i tried to move on
but the real feelings dont just go away
i miss all the memories 
and im not ready yet to erased all of it 
I’m so sad because I know I can’t have you anymore.
You don’t even care, and it sucks.
I miss you so much
i miss your hands holding my hands
i miss you

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